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Invest, expand, and grow with visit data

With the highest quality visit data available today, unlock revenue opportunities and marketing strategies that will take your business further. Our proprietary assets make sense of people data and places data to yield better analytics, forecasting, and modeling.

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Visit data you can count on

Uncompromised data quality

High quality means everything to us. That’s why we remove all bias from our first-party data through normalization. We use third party data from trusted partners after rigorous vetting and with continuous audits.

Pragmatic packages

Based on your use case, we’ll deliver the dataset that will best meet your goals. That means identying specific attributes, frequency, and granularity, and eliminating any noise.

Privacy first and always

By keeping consumer privacy and data regulation top-of-mind, your investment in our data will always be safe and future-proof. We take that responsibility seriously to keep you and your customers protected.


Leverage high-quality, location-based data to reveal customer behaviors

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Make the right site selection decisions

Foursquare Visits for site selection means never picking the wrong location to grow your business. Using our first-party panel and proprietary, self-refreshing map of the world, we can inform your real estate plans with an out-of-the box analytics package or daily visit data deliveries that can be added to your own analysis.

Power smarter
investment models

Capitalize on quantitative strategies that incorporate the highest quality location data. Trend analysis takes on new meaning when you can analyze visits to individual places throughout the United States. With Foursquare Visits, we’ll help you predict the future and make the investments you manage smarter.

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Enrich your customer data

Your CRM, DMP, or CDP is missing a critical input: Foursquare Visits. Select from thousands of chains worldwide or use categories to start receiving visits daily, weekly, or monthly in order to build custom segments and enrich your customer data. Find new opportunities for engagement by understanding visits to your locations, and develop acquisition strategies based on visits to the competition.

Optimize your programmatic buys

Seeing the impact of your campaign on foot traffic surfaces a new way to optimize in real time. Foursquare Visits for offline conversions are accessible directly in your preferred buying platform so that you can make the decisions that will allow you to stand out on a media plan.

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