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Reach customers where they are in real time

Build accurate, custom geofences to reach consumers based on where they are in the world. Take your marketing investment further by targeting with location data.

Image of an aerial view of an intersection with blue 50% transparent circles (geofences) overlayed on it.

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Add the context of where audiences are in real-time to impact consumer behavior

Real-world behavior

Where consumers go in the real world is one of the strongest signals for understanding who they are and what they want. Reach your consumers based on their location patterns


Your targeting is only as good as the data it is based on. Our data offers the accuracy you need for a high-performing campaign


You need your data to be accessible across every channel and screen. Our flexible solutions are built atop deep integrations across the ad tech ecosystem

All of your preferred partners are also ours

Enjoy turnkey activation to reach customers at the speed of programmatic. We have deep integrations everwhere you buy.


Real-time context with accuracy

an illustration of a UI with 3 lines on the left and 3 circles on a map representing geofences.

Unparalleled customization and granularity

Design highly-customized geofences in a few simple clicks. Use our self-serve Designer or let our in-house experts build for you based on your campaign goals.

Trusted quality and proven ROI

Targeting is only as effective as the quality of data it’s based on. Foursquare’s proprietary assets offer the highest quality data on places and the movement of devices worldwide. Our customers see results. Research by Forrester Consulting found that Foursquare customers achieve a 202% ROI and a 47% lower CPA on average.

man in cafe with phone and laptop
an isometric illustration of 3 buildings (what could be a house, office, and store) with a dotted line that ends in a circle leading to the store.

Real-time influence

Reach consumers based on their real-time location –– including distance to your stores or proximity to competitive chains –– to influence last-minute purchase decisions or align with desirable consumers mindsets.

An agnostic approach to location and behavioral data gave brands easy integration into most all DSPs and DMPS. With easy integration into analytics and advertising platforms, organizations found that they were able to glean insights much faster.

Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

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