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Search and discover with our map of the world

Our global point-of-interest (POI) data, rich with context, is based on over 46K trusted sources and validated by millions of consumers. Create location-based experiences with a map unlike any other.

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Adding richness to Airbnb guidebooks

The world’s largest community-driven hospitality company relies on Places to excite users about their upcoming plans. Our API surfaces curated photos and other place-related content directly in users’ guidebooks, giving them a fuller depiction of what is surrounding where they are staying.


Discover what Foursquare
Places Data can offer

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Core details plus contextual richness

Choose from core attributes such as name and address to define a location. Then layer user-generated content including photos, ratings, tips, and reviews to enrich your understanding of that place itself.

Location predictions for strategic planning

Effective site planning, territory mapping, and investmenet strategies should rely on foot traffic data. Make market assessments using visit volume and popularity scores that only we can provide.

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Search results that have meaning

We know where your users are and where they’re going. Power geo-tagging based on real-time location and passively predict a future location with our place-probability algorithm.

Foursquare by the numbers


Countries and 50 territories


Venue Categories


POI updates monthly, from ground truth sources

Places Data how you want it

Places Database

  • Download venue content and customize data to your business needs

  • Delivered daily, weekly or monthly

  • Available via JSON or TSV

Places API

  • Get real-time data access and help users discover venues nearby

  • Enhance your apps’ search functionality

  • Assign a user’s smartphone to a specific location, in real-time

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