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Drive results with location-driven media campaigns

Fueled by Foursquare’s location data, Pinpoint is our cross-platform managed service media offering. We capture your target audience at key moments with the right creative because we understand how your customers move throughout the world.

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Pinpoint by the numbers


monthly visits captured


targetable devices worldwide


always-on panel for attribution measurement

Location data informs every step - from strategy to activation to measurement

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planning support

Using proprietary insights, we design media plans based on past visit behaviors, moments of receptivity, mindset and intent of your target customer. Tap into footfall trends, cross-shopping behaviors, affinities, and distances traveled to choose the activation strategy that will engage audiences at the right stage of the purchase funnel.

Custom audiences plus real-time targeting

We design custom audiences combining the attributes that best characterize your customers based on their real-world behaviors.

our audience data includes chains, categories, lifestyle, lifestage, and even online interest behavior.

Engage audiences in real-time by targeting dynamic creatives when they are at specific places and most receptive.

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Location-aware creatives that build brand engagement

Whether it’s a branded city guide, gamified unit, or contextualized placement with geo location features, we have a catalogue of rich ad units that our studio will customize for each campaign. We can even layer in time of day, weather, and “taste data.”

Multi-faceted reporting that tells the complete story

Know how your campaign is driving business results. Going beyond media metrics, we provide comprehensive reporting that includes visit lift, sales results, brand engagement, and online conversions. We also uncover new persona insights and affinities in order to optimize and provide recommendations for future campaigns.

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Creatives for all KPIs,
fueled by our location expertise


Keep your brand top-of-mind with a Guide

Keep your brand top of mind while crafting a custom experience for your ad viewers. Use Foursquare’s insights to choose venue-types for your audiences and pull in venues through Foursquare’s Places.

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