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Understand the impact of your advertising

Do you know if your advertising is making a difference on foot traffic to your locations? Directly tie ad spend to real-world visits with the most accurate attribution solution available today.

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Trusted by 1000+ agencies and brands & 550+ publishers and partners

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Know which strategies and tactics are effectively driving foot traffic to your locations

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Measure with the highest quality data

Our first-party, always-on panel of devices is the largest in the industry. We persistently follow your customer’s journey with millions of updates from our trusted app SDK partners and user community.

Identify incremental visits

Your advertising goal is to increase visits to your location by customers. Before the campaign flight is over, we’ll already know which visits were caused by ad exposure, and you can start optimizing towards increasing that incremental visit lift.

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Measure way beyond digital

We can measure your media plan everywhere you’re running ads - digital web and app, social, audio, podcasts, linear TV and OTT, and out-of-home channels. Our 550+ partnerships ensure that we remove blindspots across your entire media plan and understand how each tactic is working with the others and on it’s own.

Further your investment

Reallocate spend based on what’s driving visit lift most efficiently for your campaign. Use learnings over time to sustain tried-and-tested media plans while also experimenting with emerging technologies. Foursquare Attribution can help shape future marketing strategies that achieve either short- or long-term revenue goals.

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Actionable campaign reporting

Updated daily, our reporting dashboard is agile enough for you to make optimizations quickly and reliably. In addition to quantifying impact with visit metrics, you can analyze the characteristics and behaviors of the audiences exposed to your ads. Our omnichannel analysis deduplicates outcomes across channels to surface actionable insights.

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