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At Foursquare, we partner to distribute our trusted solutions to our customers. We have partnerships across all categories, including digital publishers, social, programmatic, data marketplaces, TV, out-of-home advertising, business intelligence tools and more.

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Learn how we can help partners like you

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Digital media & TV

Foursquare’s solutions can help you understand your audience better and win business with advertisers and marketers.

We empower all types of media

Layer location intelligence across digital publishers, social, audio, TV, digital out-of-home, and more.

Monetize your inventory more effectively

Show the effectiveness of your media for advertiser clients and why your users are the right ones to reach.

Programmatic advertising

Integrate Foursquare’s solutions used by thousands of advertisers directly into your Demand-Side Platform.


Seamlessly help your clients find and reach customers based on their real-world behavior.


Programmatically optimize your client’s campaigns based on store visits as a signal of success.

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Data marketplaces

Merchandise the world’s most trusted set of location data solutions on your platform.

Best-in-class location data

Provide clients best-in-class location data, with the only visits accredited by the Media Rating Council, resulting in high-performing campaigns with rich optimizations.

Seamless integrations

Easily integrate Foursquare’s data into your marketplace, allowing clients to activate and reap immediate benefits.

Featured partnership: AWS Data Exchange

BI tools & analytics

Help your clients glean insights on their customers or brick and mortar locations.

Unique location-based insights

Enable sophisticated, location-based analysis on real-world behavior to help clients derive actionable insights and engage with their customers.

Combine data

Combine data sets to provide flexibility for clients to solve a variety of business problems and quickly drive value.

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