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See how location data can change the world

Sharing the stories of how we work with brands, developers, policy makers, data scientists, and nonprofits to make the real world a better, smarter, safer, and more inclusive place through the power of location technology.

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Learn how Foursquare’s technology is being used for good

Image of a phone with the Objective Zero app in it. The app is showing a map with a bunch of images

Providing life-saving resources for veterans with Objective Zero

Objective Zero leverages Foursquare’s Pilgrim SDK as part of it’s machine learning algorithm to help deliver tailored, contextual messages and services to veterans at imminent risk of death by suicide. Objective Zero uses this technology to provide life-saving resources to help de-escalate potentially high-risk situations, before users even realize they need it.

Creating an ecosystem to help level the playing field

In an effort to help Black-founded businesses accelerate growth, we’ve joined the Tech for Black Founders initiative in their mission to “create an ecosystem that provides resources and technology to empower Black-led businesses and level the playing field for underserved founders.”

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Image of a woman leaning on a glass wall with servers behind it holding a laptop.
Image of a phone with an ad on it. The add says "We need one more senate vote to save net neutrality. Tell your Senator to vote for the Congressional Review Act (CRA) before it's too late"

Our Campaign to ‘Save the Internet’

How Foursquare led a coalition of technology industry leaders including Shutterstock, Tinder, Vimeo, and Warby Parker to get involved in the fight to save net neutrality.

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Image of person holding phone with Blindsquare app in it.

Creating an auditory map of the world for people who are visually impaired

American Printing House for the Blind leverages Foursquare’s Places API to help the visually impaired to see the world differently by helping to guide people with visual impairments to desired locations through a series of auditory prompts.

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An image of a blind woman walking with a seeing stick holding a phone

Pioneering accessible navigation with BlindSquare

How BlindSquare leverages Foursquare’s Places API to create a virtual map of the world, through sound.

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Image of LinkNYC pillar with "top shopping spots nearby" highlighted

Enriching the streets of New York City with LinkNYC

Intersection (the parent company of LinkNYC) leverages Foursquare’s Places API to power the ‘Popular Places’ feature on its kiosks, which helps New Yorkers and visitors navigate New York City with ease.

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