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Building the future, together

As a Foursquare employee, you’ll do great work in an environment where you can be yourself. One of the things you’ll find out quickly is that our people are one of the things that make Foursquare great. Each and every one of our employees has the ability to make a real impact on the lives of the millions of people who touch Foursquare’s products and the hundreds of people who build them.

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Creating connection at Foursquare

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Femmesquare’s goal is to empower the women of Foursquare, creating a culture where we have a safe space to seek support around personal and professional growth. We plan robust programming through internal and external events that highlight the women of Foursquare. We also partner with the Learning and Development Team to provide opportunities to learn how to successfully navigate workplace challenges.


Fourmation is an employee resource group with a mission to create a safe community for people of color at Foursquare, advocate for equitable hiring practices, and cultivate diverse leadership. We also sponsor many events throughout the year that celebrate our differences.

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Foursqueer is the LGBTQ+ community at Foursquare that welcomes new LGBTQ+ talent, creates a safe place to foster and support a community among LGBTQ+ employees, and organizes timely programming with the goal of educating and inspiring our colleagues.

Foursquare Technical Womxn

Foursquare Technical Womxn (FTW) is a community of self-identifying womxn in traditionally “technical” roles at Foursquare such as engineers, analysts, designers, and product managers. Through our bi-weekly meetings and our private Slack channel, we provide a safe space for members to discuss challenges, share experiences, and enjoy breaks during the workday. FTW’s mission is to build connections among technical womxn and support one another, to the benefit of gender equity and career development at Foursquare.

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In a short time, our Moms’ employee resource group has tackled extending parental leave, adjusting the extended leave sales commission structure, being a caregiver during COVID, and so much more. We welcome anyone who identifies as a Mother, whether you are looking to conceive or looking after many… We also hold open sessions with our amazing Dads and other caregivers, and work in tandem with Femmesquare and the HR department.

Cross Regional Offices

The Cross Regional Offices employee resource group fosters connection between Foursquare’s global offices. We ensure that those outside of New York Headquarters feel included not only in company meetings and benefits, but also in company culture and events, both big and small. Every employee should be seen, heard, and able to participate, no matter where they’re working from.

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Our shared values bring us together

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Embrace Growth

Change is inevitable, growth is optional. Foursquare chooses growth. To reach our business potential, we have to challenge ourselves and each other to learn enthusiastically and share our expertise generously. We know our strength comes not only from hiring the best, but also nurturing our talent to be the best version of themselves.

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Champion our differences

As a company that builds global products that touch billions of people around the world, we strive to be powered by a team that is representative of the diverse communities we serve. To do this effectively, we need a team that actively champions the strength in our differences to create a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels they belong.

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Lead with trust

We expect each individual, regardless of seniority, to build upon our foundation of integrity and ethics. As a company, we are open about our data methodologies and set the standard in data privacy and data ethics. We set the MRC standard! We uphold transparency with our employees, clients, partners and users.

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Build connection

Our impact stems from the connections we build with our teammates and partners. We win when we unify individual talent into a collaborative, high-performing team. We invest in relationships with our customers and consider ourselves an extension of their team. This relationship-first mindset turns our customers into promoters and makes Foursquare more than just a place to work for our employees.

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Invent the future

We are excited by new challenges to create and invent, which is why we always look ahead. This means investing in our future and the big picture over short-term gains. We will achieve our vision through creativity and smart bets. We are obsessed with being the best, which is why we live and breathe by the saying, “Be proud but never satisfied.”

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