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How location technology is making cities safer from sexual violence

Introducing SafeCity as the 2020 Foursquare for Good winner

SafeCity + Foursquare logos

Here’s what our judges had to say:

“Part of the initial vision when we launched Foursquare was to make cities easier to use. When we opened up our API and SDK to the developer community, it was our hope that they would take our tech and use it to build on top of that vision. The Red Dot Foundation’s SafeCity app for making cities safer for women is exactly what we hoped people would use our location tech to build, and I am honored to work with them to help make this vision a reality.” - Dennis Crowley, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Foursquare

“Red Dot Foundation’s Safecity is a compelling use of location technology to help combat sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces. With Foursquare’s support, I’m excited to see the platform shed much needed visibility on this issue while ensuring our cities become safer for women and girls.” - Jamie Sgarro, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Asylum Connect (2019 winner of the Foursquare for Good competition)

“Red Dot Foundation’s use of location data for Safecity is an empowering tool for women and victims of sexual harassment and abuse to reclaim safe spaces. The service has the potential to scale and could be used by law enforcement to aid in fighting impunity for perpetrators. The reframing of the issue to focus on data is an actionable step that could help victims come forward, reduce victim-blaming and make streets safer for marginalized groups.” - Monica Melton, Assistant Editor, Forbes Innovation

“The Red Dot Foundation is taking a smart approach to reducing sexual violence in public spaces with the Safecity project. Proactive, anonymous, and place based, when deployed, the Safecity project will empower women to break the silence on sexual violence while still keeping their identities secure.” - Nicole Dunn, Program and Marketing Manager, Fast Forward

“For all people, but women and girls in particular, awareness of one’s surroundings is a critical component of personal safety - but this can be extremely challenging, particularly in new environments. Red Dot’s pioneering mission to deploy tech, data and a community-based approach against making cities safer and easier to navigate for women is well-aligned with Foursquare’s long-time vision about the potential for location technology to improve the world. It’s an honor to contribute our platform to this effort.” - Lauren Smith, VP Strategy, Foursquare

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