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Not all location data is equal

As the location space becomes more sophisticated with enriched location data, the need for a trusted and accredited solution is paramount to progressing industry innovation. We keep data quality at the forefront of our offerings and continue to lead in advancing the possibilities of location data.

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Foursquare Visits are MRC accredited

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The first awarded under the Location-Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines

Foursquare Visits delivers the ability to detect and validate visits and surface that data to customers, while also using it to build our proprietary offerings. In 2020, Foursquare Visits received MRC Accreditation, the very first under the Media Rating Council’s Location-Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines.

To merit accreditation:

Foursquare Visits adhere to the Location-based Advertising Measurement Guidelines, issued by the MRC, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and the Mobile Marketing Association.

Foursquare underwent an in-depth audit to confirm Foursquare Visits’ compliance with industry standards.

In doing so, Foursquare disclosed - among other things - data collection methods, SDK partner onboarding processes, internal processes including security and IT controls, freshness of point-of-interest data, and methodology documentation.

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Behind the audit

The audit included an assessment of our ability to detect visits and assign them to the proper locations.

This ability also enables Foursquare to confidently bring to market the multiple location-based solutions that make up the Foursquare platform to achieve both short and long term marketing strategies.

To read more about the achievement, please see our announcement and our accreditation letter.

With the accreditation of Foursquare Visits, Foursquare now has greater credibility in connecting their sizable first-party location data and strong attribution with greater media delivery assurances that top advertisers expect. This should enable more end-to-end activity due to high transparency and measurement consistency."

Doug Rozen,
Chief Media Officer

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