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If it tells you where, it’s probably built on Foursquare

We believe in the power of location. What people experience in the real world and the places they go are powerful reflections of who they are and what they care about. We help leading global companies tap into this intelligence to create better customer experiences and smarter business outcomes, all based on the world’s leading platform for understanding people, places, and the interactions between them.

point-of-view image of a person sitting on a tall building taking a photo of other buildings with their phone

Our mission is to build the most trusted, independent platform for understanding how people move through the real world.

Foursquare of today

An illustration of the Foursquare platform with "people, pilgrim and places" on the bottom, visits, attribution, proximity, audience, places and pilgrim sdk on top and pinpoint on top of visits, attribution, proximity, and audience.

Built on people, places, and Pilgrim

It all starts with the data - and ours is unmatched in quality and depth. We combine the rich attributes of over 105 million global points-of-interest with the understanding of human movement from over 500 million devices, including a persistent first-party panel. Pilgrim is the engine between those data sets, making sense of people data and places data. Pilgrim is our proprietary superpower that accurately and reliably detects real-world visits, and it continues to learn more about movement through billions of human confirmations. Its methods are the only ones accredited by the Media Ratings Council. This foundation powers all of our solutions - those that exist today and those we have yet to build.

Foursquare of tomorrow

What if… a city could be as personalized and interactive as your favorite website?

What if… location intelligence flowed seamlessly throughout your ecosystem, optimizing every decision?

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What if… augmented reality wasn’t just a layer on top of the real world, but informed and improved by it?

How we got here

Illustration of notifications one on top of each other. The top one says "Save for Later: We think you'll like Momofuku Milk Bar. The #1 place for pies in New York"


Creating the magical moments we believe should exist

Since the very beginning, we believed that the combination of the digital and physical was incredibly powerful. We envisioned a future where digital interactions were less about likes and scrolling on a screen and more about delightfully unexpected experiences in the physical world. That’s why we built Foursquare City Guide and Swarm to create serendipitous moments with software smart enough to augment our real world experiences. This is when our humble check-in changed the world.


Sharing our blocks to let the world play and innovate with us

Innovation can (and should) come from anywhere. We embraced this by giving anyone inspired to create a more connected world access to our building blocks. With more than 200,000 registered developers and thousands of brands and agencies using Foursquare technology and data, our platform approach brings the magic of location to more people and through more means than we could have ever built ourselves.

Illustration of a white box with a location marker in it. Surrounded by the logos of Uber, Snapchat, Airbnb, Twitter and Samsung
An image with the Factual, Placed and old Foursquare logos surrounding the new Foursquare logo which is bigger and in the middle. Keyline stroked lead from the new logo to the old ones.


Bringing together the best in location to invent the future together

We have always sought to create the most trusted, independent location technology platform. Along the way, we saw how the many disparate, single solutions available out there were holding the industry back, so we brought together the three location leaders - Factual, Placed, and Foursquare. Stronger together, with a shared ethos of invention, we now deliver the only location data and technology you need, and can focus on what to invent next. Stay tuned.

Get in touch with our location experts. Together, we’ll move your business forward.